Friday, July 15, 2011

DeWitt 7-on-7 Tournament Schedule

DeWitt Coach Doug Corley began the Perryville 7-on-7 Tournament a few years ago that Coach Tucker has continued. When Corley was hired at DeWitt, he created another 7-on-7 tournament at his new school. That tournament is in its 3rd year and will convene this weekend.

Dumas will bring two teams, and we feel their first team will win this tournament. Carlisle has some talented players that may challenge the Bobcats for that title. It appears that England played well at the SEARK Shootout on Tuesday, entering the tournament as the #3 seed. We are unfamiliar with Des Arc and Clarendon this summer, so we are not sure what expect out of them.

Pool 1: DeWitt, Dumas 2, Carlisle, Des Arc
Pool 2: Dumas 1, Hamburg, Clarendon, England*

DeWitt vs. Dumas 2
Des Arc vs. Carlisle
Clarendon vs. Dumas 1

DeWitt vs. Carlisle
Dumas 2 vs. Clarendon
Hamburg vs. England

Hamburg vs. Dumas 1
Des Arc vs. England

Clarendon vs. England
DeWitt vs. Des Arc
Carlisle vs. Dumas 1

DeWitt vs. Dumas 1
Clarendon vs. Hamburg
Dumas 2 vs. Carlisle

Carlisle vs. England
Dumas 2 vs. Hamburg
Des Arc vs. Clarendon

Dumas 1 vs. England
DeWitt vs. Hamburg
Dumas 2 vs. Des Arc

Tournament Begins (Seeding done with intrapool games only)

* England may not be able to make it.  If they drop out, DeWitt will field a second team to replace them on the schedule.

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