Monday, July 11, 2011

2011 SEARK Shootout 7-on-7 Preview

Tuesday marks the beginning of a big week for 7-on-7 events in Arkansas, as the SEARK Shootout 7-on-7 kicks off at Hermitage High School.  On Saturday, there will be four tournaments that we currently know which include tournaments being played at DeWitt, Perryville, Smackover, and Henderson State University.  We plan to have a preview of each tournament for each day of the week.  

[Information below provided by Hermitage assistant coach, Chris Norton.  A big thanks to him for him putting this tournament on and taking the time to help us out.]

The SEARK Shootout will feature 12 teams in 2011, up from 8 in the inaugural event last year.  Teams will be separated into three pools of four teams.  Each team will play three games within their pool, then will be seeded in the single-elimination tournament by overall record, points scored, then points allowed.  Seeds 1-4 will receive byes in the first round.

One out of state team is entered into the tournament, and they are entered twice.  Ouachita Christian from Monroe, LA will bring two JV teams.  OCS played in the 1A State Championship game last year, so their young guys should compete well.  The one representative from Mississippi (St. Joseph) are unable to compete due to their dead week. 

The tournament champion will receive a trophy and t-shirts courtesy of Southeast Sporting Goods in Crossett. A concession stand will be open, water will be provided for the players on each field, and a hospitality room will be available for coaches. There will be a $5 per car gate fee.

Here are the pools followed by analysis by Coach Norten.  Bolded team is who we (Arkansas Football Bloggers) pick to win each pool.

Pool A – Fordyce, Norphlett, Ouachita Christian “A”, Poyen

Fordyce will be one of the better teams in the event.  They had some success at the Summer Showdown and finished third last year in this event behind Warren and DeWitt.  They are an athletic bunch, second year under Coach Rodgers, fully expect them to be a tough out in Pool A and in the tournament overall. Norphlet will provide the Redbugs some tough competition. Coach Means and the Leopards run a unique system, really get the most out of their talent. Ouachita Christian and Poyen are real unknowns in Pool A.

Pool B – England, Hamburg, Hermitage, Smackover

Smackover has a lot of skill guys, a real impressive looking bunch. They were in the Fountain Lake tournament this weekend [finished 3rd in small school division], our event, and they are hosting the Oil Town 7-on-7 on the 16th. They’ll definitely be the most experienced 7-on-7 club in Pool B. Hamburg may be the most talented team in the pool, but Coach Cox is still trying to get his system installed and everything running in the right direction. England will be the wild-card in Pool B. Our staff saw them on film and in person last season and came away impressed with both their athletes and effort. Hermitage rounds out the pool with a very young group. The Hermits have competed much better this summer in 7-on-7 competition than in the past couple of years. Coming off an 0-4 showing in last year’s event, the Hermits hope to post a win or two before taking on the competition in the Oil Town 7-on-7 on the 16th.

Pool C – Drew Central, Harmony Grove (Camden), Ouachita Christian “B”, Parkers Chapel

Pool C is a real toss-up. It is safe to assume Harmony Grove will have plenty of talent at their disposal. Parkers Chapel is working in a new offensive coordinator, but should battle Harmony Grove for the top spot in the pool. Drew Central is under a new head coach, James White, and this may be their first ever 7-on-7 event. OCS ‘B’ rounds out the pool.

Check out their website: for updates throughout the day.

Arkansas Football Bloggers pick Fordyce to defeat Smackover in the championship game with England defeating Harmony Grove for 3rd place.  

2:00 Fordyce v OCS'A'  / Smackover v Hamburg   / Parkers Chapel v Drew Central
2:30 Norphlet v Poyen  / England v Hermitage   / Harmony Grove v OCS'B'
3:00 OCS'A' v Norphlet / Hermitage v Smackover / Drew Central v Harmony Grove
3:30 Poyen v Fordyce   / Hamburg v England     / Parkers Chapel v OCS'B'
4:00 OCS 'A' v Poyen   / England v Smackover   / Harmony Grove v Parkers Chapel
4:30 Fordyce v Norphlet/ Hermitage v Hamburg   / OCS'B' v Drew Central

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