Tuesday, June 21, 2011

2011 AAA Dead Period -- Misunderstanding of Southern 7-on-7 Football

Well, we have reached the Arkansas Activities Association Dead Period for 2011.  Of course, that doesn't mean that the AAA has suspended its activities.  They will be hosting All-Star games while the teams are on "vacation."  So much for a needed rest for the coaches in the state.  In any case, we didn't want to abruptly go away for 2 weeks. We found a couple of articles from Michigan that claim that Armageddon is coming there because 7-on-7 football is becoming popular in that state.


The writers of these articles don't understand 7-on-7 in the South in general and Arkansas in particular. The worry is that we will have AAU style football with agents, shady characters, and all the rest once these events get out of control. However, in Arkansas, the high school teams field 7-on-7 squads, and in general, coaches run the 7-on-7 events in the state.  We haven't seen AAU style teams being assembled simply because the coaches in the state are using these events to improve their team for the next season. In addition, the coaches running the events could simply refuse entry to their events for "all-star" teams. 

It seems to us that the problem with the 7-on-7 described in the northern/mid-west states is that the high school coaches are giving the opening to the shady characters.  Let us know if you think that this issue is being overblown in Michigan.  Also, do you see this as a problem in Arkansas?


  1. I don't think this will be a problem in AR, TX, or other states down here. The coaches here use the summers to get better.

    The great players also don't have the "all-star" teams to play with unless they were going abandon their HS teams for travel to the elite tourneys. That doesn't sound like a plan to encourage teamwork to me. Besides no one is going to get a scholarship by being excellent at 2 hand touch.

  2. Agreed. The coaches in AR do an excellent job with both planning the tourneys and keeping their kids with the HS teams.