Thursday, July 10, 2008

VYPE Select 7-on-7 Tournament Preview

Thirty teams will make an appearance in Northwest Arkansas this weekend for the largest 7-on-7 tournament in the state. The inaugural VYPE Select 7-on-7 Tournament is loaded with most of the best teams from around the state of Arkansas as well as one team each from Kansas, Missouri, and Texas.

Lake Hamilton looks to capture the Arkansas 7-on-7 Triple Crown, a term we're using to describe winning the Sonic Air Raid, Shootout of the South, and the VYPE Select -- Arkansas' three largest 7-on-7 tournaments. With the absence of the FCA State Championship, a tournament that the Wolves won to round out last summer, winning this tournament would leave little doubt of who is the best 7-on-7 team in Arkansas.

There will be several unknowns that leave us with questions as to how this tournament may play itself out. First, no one ever knows what to expect from teams from out of state. It would be hard to believe that Blue Valley (Stillwell, KS), Marshfield (MO), and Sherman (TX) would travel and cross state lines to simply prove they are a pushover, so I expect each of them to be competitive. Secondly, how will some bigger name teams that don't typically attend weekend tournaments fair in this highly competitive event. Specifically, Nashville, Bentonville, and Fort Smith Northside are three teams that we usually don't see out on the 7-on-7 circuit, but they will be doused heavily in it for the VYPE Select competition. The last major unknown will be how new program Rogers Heritage as well as how Greene County Tech, under new head coach Jeff Conaway will perform.

Although this tournament will answer several of those unknowns, here is what is not unknown. This will be a tough tournament with some very good "known" 7-on-7 teams. Fayetteville, Rogers, Har-Ber, and Springdale are 7A schools that won't have to travel far to strut their stuff and battle for a championship. Other teams we feel could take home gold are Bryant and four private schools: Pulaski Academy, Shiloh Christian, Central Arkansas Christian, and Little Rock Christian Academy.

Pool play will begin at 1:00 on Friday and should end just before 8:00 pm. The final pool play game for each team will be Saturday morning at 10:00 or 10:35. The tournament will begin at 1:00 with the finals slated for 4:30. All games will be played on the University of Arkansas campus at the Walker Pavilion Indoor Facility, Razorback Practice Fields, and the Intramural Fields.

Admission will be $5 for adults and $3 for students and seniors. Proceeds will be donated to the Ronald McDonald Youth Foundation in Northwest Arkansas.

For even more information about this tournament, visit VYPE online at, or visit for the official website for the tournament. Also, be sure to check back with us Friday night for pictures, results, and analysis.

Below are the pools followed by the pool play schedule:
(our predicted pool winners in bold)

Pool A: Arkansas Baptist, Bentonville, Blue Valley (KS), Greene County Tech, Pulaski Academy, Russellville, Rogers Heritage

Pool B: Bryant, Des Arc, Fayetteville, Gentry, Lake Hamilton, Har-Ber JV, Siloam Springs, Shiloh Christian

Pool C: Central Arkansas Christian, Gravette, Fort Smith Northside, Lonoke, Nashville, Sherman (TX), Springdale Har-Ber

Pool D: Harrison, Hot Springs Lakeside, Little Rock Christian, Marshfield, Elkins, Rogers, Springdale, West Fork

Friday, July 11
1:00 PM
Prac 1 Arkansas Baptist v Russellville
Prac 2 Bentonville v Greene County Tech
Indoor 1 Blue Valley, KS v Heritage
Indoor 2 Pulaski Academy v Lonoke
Intra 1 Bryant v Lake Hamilton
Intra 2 Des Arc v Har-Ber # 2
Intra 3 Gentry v Shiloh Christian
Intra 4 Fayetteville v Siloam Springs

1:35 PM
Prac 1 Central Arkansas Christian v Nashville
Prac 2 Gravette v Northside
Indoor 1 Har-Ber v Sherman, TX
Intra 1 West Fork v LR Christian
Intra 2 Harrison v Marshfield
Intra 3 Springdale v Rogers
Intra 4 HS Lakeside v Elkins

2:10 PM
Prac 1 Blue Valley, KS v Har-Ber
Prac 2 Pulaski Academy v Russellville
Indoor 1 Arkansas Baptist v Greene County Tech
Indoor 2 Bentonville v Heritage
Intra 1 Fayetteville v Shiloh Christian
Intra 2 Gentry v Lake Hamilton
Intra 3 Bryant v Har-Ber # 2
Intra 4 Des Arc v Siloam Springs

2:45 PM
Prac 2 Lonoke v Nashville
Indoor 1 Central Arkansas Christian v Northside
Indoor 2 Gravette v Sherman, TX
Intra 1 Springdale v Elkins
Intra 2 HS Lakeside v LR Christian
Intra 3 West Fork v Marshfield
Intra 4 Harrison v Rogers

3:20 PM
Prac 1 Arkansas Baptist v Heritage
Prac 2 Bentonville v Gravette
Indoor 1 Pulaski Academy v Greene County Tech
Indoor 2 Blue Valley, KS v Russellville
Intra 1 Bryant v Siloam Springs
Intra 2 Fayetteville v Lake Hamilton
Intra 3 Gentry v Har-Ber # 2
Intra 4 Des Arc v Shiloh Christian

3:55 PM
Prac 1 Central Arkansas Christian v Sherman, TX
Indoor 1 Lonoke v Northside
Indoor 2 Har-Ber v Nashville
Intra 1 West Fork v Rogers
Intra 2 Springdale v LR Christian
Intra 3 HS Lakeside v Marshfield
Intra 4 Harrison v Elkins

4:30 PM
Prac 1 Bryant v Shiloh Christian
Prac 2 Des Arc v Lake Hamilton
Indoor 1 Fayetteville v Har-Ber # 2
Indoor 2 Siloam Springs v Gentry
Intra 1 Arkansas Baptist v Central Arkansas Christian
Intra 2 Bentonville v Russellville
Intra 3 Pulaski Academy v Heritage
Intra 4 Blue Valley, KS v Greene County Tech

5:05 PM
Prac 1 Springdale v Marshfield
Prac 2 HS Lakeside v Rogers
Indoor 1 West Fork v Elkins
Indoor 2 Harrison v LR Christian
Intra 1 Gravette v Nashville
Intra 2 Lonoke v Sherman, TX
Intra 3 Northside v Har-Ber

5:40 PM
Prac 1 Lake Hamilton v Har-Ber # 2
Prac 2 Shiloh Christian v Siloam Springs
Indoor 1 Des Arc v Bryant
Indoor 2 Gentry v Fayetteville
Intra 1 Pulaski Academy v Blue Valley, KS
Intra 2 Russellville v Nashville
Intra 3 Bentonville v Arkansas Baptist
Intra 4 Greene County Tech v Heritage

6:15 PM
Prac 1 West Fork v Harrison
Prac 2 HS Lakeside v Springdale
Indoor 1 Rogers v Marshfield
Indoor 2 Elkins v LR Christian
Intra 1 Sherman, TX v Northside
Intra 2 Central Arkansas Christian v Gravette
Intra 3 Har-Ber v Lonoke

6:50 PM
Prac 1 Gentry v Des Arc
Prac 2 Bryant v Fayetteville
Indoor 1 Har-Ber # 2 v Siloam Springs
Indoor 2 Shiloh Christian v Lake Hamilton
Intra 1 Pulaski Academy v Arkansas Baptist
Intra 2 Blue Valley, KS v Bentonville
Intra 3 Greene County Tech v Northside
Intra 4 Russellville v Heritage

7:25 PM
Prac 1 LR Christian v Rogers
Prac 2 Elkins v Marshfield
Indoor 1 Springdale v Harrison
Indoor 2 HS Lakeside v West Fork
Intra 1 Central Arkansas Christian v Lonoke
Intra 2 Sherman, TX v Nashville
Intra 3 Gravette v Har-Ber

Saturday, July 12
10:00 AM
Prac 1 Arkansas Baptist v Blue Valley, KS
Prac 2 Pulaski Academy v Bentonville
Indoor 1 Lake Hamilton v Siloam Springs
Indoor 2 Har-Ber # 2 v Shiloh Christian
Intra 1 Greene County Tech v Russellville
Intra 2 Sherman, TX v Heritage
Intra 3 Bryant v Gentry
Intra 4 Fayetteville v Des Arc

10:35 AM
Prac 1 Central Arkansas Christian v Har-Ber
Prac 2 Lonoke v Gravette
Indoor 1 LR Christian v Rogers
Indoor 2 Marshfield v Elkins
Intra 1 Nashville v Northside
Intra 2 West Fork v Springdale
Intra 3 Harrison v HS Lakeside

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