Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fountain Lake Tournament Preview

Fountain Lake will be hosting Arkansas' longest running (13 years) annual 7-on-7 tournaments this Saturday, July 12. Although the VYPE Select 7-on-7 tournament is being held the same weekend, the Fountain Lake coaching staff was still able to round up a full tournament field made up of some very solid teams.

The tournament will feature 14 teams split into 2 pools of 7. Each team will play everyone in their pool for a guarantee of 6 games. The top 2 teams from each pool will advance to play in a 4-team tournament for the championship. Here are the pools:

Pool A - Ashdown, DeQueen, Dierks, Fountain Lake JV, Hot Springs, Hoxie, Perryville
Pool B - Centerpoint, DeWitt, Fountain Lake, Gosnell, Jessieville, Lakeside, Magnet Cove

It will be difficult for any team to run the table in either pool. In pool A, Ashdown may be the favorite because of their athleticism and new offense, but Hot Springs has shown that they can play with anybody as evidenced by their performance in last year's event. You can never count out Dierks because of their 7-on-7 State Championship two years ago. Perryville had some big wins last year at both the Mustang Mountain 7-on-7 and the FCA State 7-on-7 Tournament at War Memorial.

In pool B, we feel that Lakeside and Fountain Lake will be the favorites mainly because of so many of these teams being unfamiliar to us. In fact, to our knowledge most of these teams are run-oriented teams with the exception of Lakeside. This doesn't mean they are not successful in 7-on-7, we just are not able to predict how well they will do because of our lack of experience in watching them in 7-on-7's.

9:00 Centerpoint v Magnet Cove
9:00 Hot Springs v Fountain Lake JV

9:25 Lakeside v Jessieville
9:25 Dierks v Perryville

9:50 Fountain Lake v DeWitt
9:50 DeQueen v Ashdown

10:15 Gosnell v Jessieville
10:15 Hoxie v Perryville

10:40 Centerpoint v DeWitt
10:40 Hot Springs v Ashdown

11:05 Lakeside v Fountain Lake
11:05 Dierks v DeQueen

11:30 Magnet Cove v DeWitt
11:30 Ashdown v Fountain Lake JV

11:55 Gosnell v Fountain Lake
11:55 Hoxie v DeQueen

12:20 Centerpoint v Lakeside
12:20 Hot Springs v Dierks

12:45 Jessieville v Fountain Lake
12:45 Perryville v DeQueen

1:10 Magnet Cove v Lakeside
1:10 Dierks v Fountain Lake JV

1:35 Gosnell v Centerpoint
1:35 Hot Springs v Hoxie

2:00 Lakeside v DeWitt
2:00 Ashdown v Dierks

2:25 Jessieville v Centerpoint
2:25 Perryville v Hot Springs

2:50 Magnet Cove v Gosnell
2:50 Fountain Lake JV v Hoxie

3:15 Fountain Lake v Centerpoint
3:15 Hot Springs v DeQueen

3:40 DeWitt v Gosnell
3:40 Ashdown v Hoxie

4:05 Jessieville v Magnet Cove
4:05 Perryville v Fountain Lake JV

4:30 Lakeside v Gosnell
4:30 DeQueen v Hoxie

4:55 Fountain Lake v Magnet Cove
4:55 DeQueen v Fountain Lake JV

5:20 DeWitt v Jessieville
5:20 Ashdown v Perryville

5:45 Tournament Game 1 - Winner Pool A v Runner-up Pool B
5:45 Tournament Game 2 - Winner Pool B v Runner-up Pool B

6:15 Championship - Winner Game 1 v Winner Game 2


  1. Any results from the Fountain Lake Tournament?

  2. Thank you for your interest. We have the tournament story and results up now.

  3. Perryville is gonna be there to "Do Work" so watch out...