Thursday, July 17, 2008

Gravette Hosts 8 Teams in 2nd Annual Tournament

The Gravette Lions were one of the surprise teams last weekend with their performance in the VYPE 7-on-7 tournament. This weekend, they will be a favorite in their own tournament. Seven other teams will try to knock them off and earn their own tournament championship.

Siloam Springs leads the list of teams to challenge Gravette. The other teams will be Gentry, Prairie Grove, Huntsville, Farmington, Elkins, and Lincoln.

Coach Bill Harrelson said that "This is the second year. We had four Oklahoma teams and four Arkansas teams last year, but Oklahoma's dead period is this week."

The tournament will begin with pool play from 9 AM to noon on Saturday. There will be a lunch for every player provided by the Gravette Lions Booster club. At 1:00, play will resume with an 8-team tournament and will conclude at 4:00. Each team will play 3 games in the tournament as there will be a championship, 3rd place, 5th place, and 7th place game. This will provide each team with 6 games.

Although most tournaments charge an entry fee to cover the cost of t-shirts, officials, and other costs, and to help raise some money for their program, there is no entry fee for this tournament. Wal-Mart is sponsoring the event, providing every player with a t-shirt. As stated earlier, the Gravette Lions Booster Club will provide each player with a free meal. Although you will see these things at the larger tournaments, most smaller tournaments don't have these amenities.

The tournament will be the basic rules for 7-on-7 with 25-minute games with running clock. Normal scoring applies: 6 points for a touchdown, PAT is 1 from the 5 and 2 from the 10, and there are 2 points for an interception.

Pool 1: Gravette, Gentry, Huntsville, Prairie Grove
Pool 2: Elkins, Farmington, Lincoln, Siloam Springs

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