Monday, May 26, 2014

Current Outlets for Saturday Morning Wake-Up Call

Before the summer 7-on-7 season kicks off in a couple of weeks, we thought we would highlight the retailers currently carrying Saturday Morning Wake-Up Call. The book is carried by all major (and some minor) retail outlets. As always, we recommend purchasing the book from Smashwords for a few of reasons: (1) Smashwords pays us higher royalty percentages; (2) When you purchase from Smashwords, you can switch eBook eco-systems without having to buy your books again (you own the book, but you don't have to use a Kindle, Nook, etc.); and (3) Smashwords supports independent authors in ways not found at the other big book sellers. In any case, we are happy with any purchases. Here are the links for the eBook pages for these retailers:
Saturday Morning Wake-Up Call is also available through these "Netflix for eBooks" type apps:
If you prefer the paperback version, here are the links to find it at the best prices:
We have enrolled the book in the "Kindle Matchbook" program with Amazon. If you buy the print edition through Amazon, then you can buy the Kindle edition of the book FREE. If you choose to buy from another retailer, then let us know. We will send a gift copy of  Saturday Morning Wake-Up Call from Smashwords.

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