Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Book Available at the World's Largest Bookseller (FINALLY!)

We have spent close to a year and a half simply waiting for Amazon and Smashwords (our eBook distributor) to work through the technical difficulties of bulk distribution of independent authors to the Amazon store. So, for a year and a half, Saturday Morning Wake-Up Call was missing from largest bookseller in the world. In our stubbornness (or laziness), we had chosen not to investigate the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform that Amazon offered us.

Well, those days are over. Over the last few days, we went through the process of preparing the electronic format required to publish on KDP. So, simply follow this link directly to the Amazon store site for Saturday Morning Wake-Up Call. We believe that the only thing left to do is to investigate the print version of the book with CreateSpace.

Other Retailers

Smashwords has (long ago) provided the book to many retail outlets including its own retail site. As a side note, we get a higher royalty percentage for Smashwords sales, AND you get the book in any format you want (.mobi, .pdf, .ePub, .lrf, and .pdb as well as the ability to read online). This means that you don't have to be locked into an eBook eco-system by purchasing our book. Finally, if you think you would like to copy of the book and will agree to review the book, we will send you a coupon to download a free copy at Smashwords. Simply email us at with the subject "Book review" and we will send you that free copy.

Saturday Morning Wake-Up Call is available at these retailers:
Saturday Morning Wake-Up Call is also available through these "Netflix for eBooks" type apps:

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