Monday, June 3, 2013

2013 Summer Showdown Preview

The 7th annual 7-on-7 Summer Showdown at Robinson High School will include a quality field of 15 teams to be played on Wednesday.  The favorites would be 3-time defending champion, Pulaski Academy, along with Conway and Pine Bluff. Dark horses in the field would be Fordyce, Little Rock Christian, Sylvan Hills, and Joe T. Robinson with standout junior quarterback, Kristian Thompson.  

2007 - Bryant
2008 - Lakeside 
2009 - Bryant
2010 - Bryant / Pulaski Academy (rain shortened)
2011 - Pulaski Academy
2012 - Pulaski Academy

2013 7-on-7 Summer Showdown
Sponsored by D1
Robinson High School
Wednesday, June 5th

Maumelle – PA
Mena – N Pulaski
Pine Bluff - Bauxite
Mills – AB
Robinson – Conway
Rose Bud – LRCA
Fordyce – Maumelle
Mena – Conway Chr.
Sylvan Hills – Pine Bluff
PA – Mills
N Pulaski – Robinson
Bauxite – Rose Bud
AB - Fordyce
Conway Chr. – Conway
LRCA – Sylvan Hills
Maumelle – Mills
Robinson – Mena
Pine Bluff – Rose Bud
N Pulaski – Conway
Bauxite – LRCA
Fordyce – Mills
Robinson – Conway Chr.
Rose Bud – Sylvan Hills
Maumelle – AB
Conway – Mena
Pine Bluff – LRCA
PA - Fordyce
N Pulaski – Conway Chr.
Bauxite – Sylvan Hills

Predicted Finish of Group A
1. PA
2. Fordyce
3. Maumelle
4. Arkansas Baptist
5. Mills

Predicted Finish of Group B
1. Conway
2. Robinson
3. Mena
4. Conway Christian
5. North Pulaski

Predicted Finish of Group C
1. Pine Bluff
2. Little Rock Christian
3. Sylvan Hills
4. Rose Bud
5. Bauxite 


1.. Each team will have 7 defenders and 5 receivers.
2. Each possession begins on the 40 yard line. Winner of the coin toss will get possession choice to begin game.
*** We will move the ball from hash to hash like a regular game, not keep the ball in the middle of the field ***
3. Team gets 3 downs to make a first down. First downs are made by crossing the 25 yard line and the 10 yard line.
4. touchdown is worth 7 points. However, you may choose to make your TD worth only 6 points and go for 2 points with a conversion from the 10 yard line.
5. Possession changes after a touchdown, 2 pt attempt, failure to make a first down, or turnover.
6. 3 points are awarded for an interception, no runbacks after interception, defense is awarded possession.
7. Games will be on a 25 minute running clock – no timeouts.
8. All formations must be legal.
9. No running plays allowed.
10. No laterals after the reception.
11. One hand touch is considered a tackle.
12. No fumbles, ball is dead when it hits the ground. Team keeps possession.
13. After a catch there is NO DOWNFIELD BLOCKING.
14. The QB will take the ball from a QB tee to begin a play. He will have 4 seconds to release the ball. If the ball leaves after 4 seconds, it cannot be completed to an offensive player, but may be intercepted by the defense.
15. Teams will have 25 seconds from the spot of the ball to get the snap off. Failure to do so will result in loss of down.
16. Pass Interference:
Defensive – automatic first down at the spot of the foul, interference in the end zone results in the ball spotted at the 1 yard line.
Offensive – loss of down and a 5 yard penalty. (No team will be backed up past the 40 yard line )
17. Defensive Holding – 5 yard penalty and automatic first down.
18. Unnecessary roughness will result in a warning to the player and a 10 yard penalty. A second offense will result in a player ejection and a 10 yard penalty.
19. Overtime:
Pool Play – no overtime
Tournament Play – Teams will get alternating possessions for an extra point attempt (1 point from the 5, 2 points from the 10). Winner of the coin toss will get choice of beginning possession. No additional coin tosses.
20. Scoring: Touchdown – 7 points, unless you attempt a 2 point conversion.
PAT – automatic, unless you wish to go for 2 from the 10 yard line.
Interception – 3 points

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