Saturday, June 16, 2012

2012 Shootout of the South Pool Standings

The unique format of the Shootout of the South uses a pool play format to seed Sectionals. A team's performance in the Sectionals determines which of the 3 single elimination brackets that they will end up in. Here are the standing that are used to seed the Sectionals:

Pool Play Standings

Pool A
A1 Greenbrier 5-0-0
A2 Fayetteville 4-1-0
A3 Warren 3-2-0
A4 Russellville 1-3-1
A5 Norman 0-4-1
A6 Pulaski Academy JV 1-2-0

Pool B
B1 Lake Hamilton 4-0-1
B2 LR Central 3-1-1
B3 Nashville 3-1-1
B4 Allen 1-4-0
B5 Afton 0-5-0

Pool C
C1 Heritage Hall 4-1-0
C2 Pulaski Academy 3-2-0
C3 CAC 2-2-1
C4 Harrison 2-3-0
C5 Lake Hamilton JV 1-2-0

Pool D
D1 El Dorado 4-1-0
D2 Stigler 3-1-1
D3 Bryant 2-2-1
D4 Mayflower 1-4-0
D5 Watson Chapel 0-5-0

Tie breaks within a pool were determined by margin of victory. Sectional play begins at 10:00 am at the Mighty Bluebird Fields.

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