Thursday, May 12, 2011

*Helmet Stickers - Distant Replay

Photo by Jonathan Gibson
Over the last 4 years, we have been discussing the concept that 7-on-7 competitions emphasize the importance of skill position players. They also allow the skill players to develop that all-important concept of timing between quarterback, running backs, and receivers. However, what usually comes up in the discussions is what should linemen (both offensive and defensive) be doing during the summer while the guys with the eligible numbers are "playing catch?"

We came up with very few ideas other than conditioning and weight training. So, we are looking to you guys out there for some fun ways of making sure that these big guys are involved. We are interested in how coaches make these guys understand their importance to the success of the team. Along those same lines, how do you reward OL/DL during the regular season because the media tends to concentrate on the stats of the QBs/WRs/RBs?

For example, do you make the internal team recognition (e.g., helmet stickers) more obtainable for the linemen?

Please submit your thoughts and ideas for discussion fodder.


*This is basically a re-post (with small changes) of an early article.  This makes it easier to find and, we hope, fodder for discussion.

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