Wednesday, November 24, 2010

2010 Playoffs -- Week 3 Predictions

We figure that this weekend is the confluence of three great American traditions:  Thanksgiving, Football, and Shopping.  We are extremely thankful that we (in all likelihood) will not be shopping. Here are our picks for playoffs this week (our pick is bold underline).


Har-Ber @ Bentonville
Fayetteville @ Fort Smith Southside

We think the best game in the state will be played in Bentonville.  The Tigers have been the best team all year and we don't see that changing.  The Rebels will take care of the Purple Bulldogs to get into the state title game.


Texarkana @ Pine Bluff
Lake Hamilton @ El Dorado

This Friday looks like any other 6A South conference Friday. The teams finished 1-4 for a reason, so we picked the higher seeds.  It looks to us like it will be Zebras versus Wildcats in War Memorial stadium.


Greenwood @ Batesville
Camden Fairview @ Watson Chapel

We see Watson Chapel and Greenwood moving on. [sarcasm] We are sure that surprises everyone in the state [/sarcasm].


Mena @ Pulaski Robinson
Ashdown @  Pulaski Academy
Nashville @ Shiloh Christian
Pottsville @ Star City

As sad as it makes, it looks like Mena's resurgence ends this Friday.  They will back next year. The PA Bruins get Ashdown at home this time (and it wasn't close on the road).  The Nashville/Shiloh Christian should be very entertaining.  I am sure there are Scrapper fans/players that still don't know how they lost this game last year.


West Fork @ Glen Rose
Rison @ Harding Academy
Fountain Lake @ Mansfield
Harrisburg @ Rivercrest


Bearden @ Bigelow
Danville @ Mineral Springs
Carlisle @ Magazine
Magnet Cove @ Spring Hill 

We are just guessing at 2A and 3A.  Please leave comments to educate us.  Have a great Thanksgiving and football weekend!

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