Friday, July 9, 2010

Oldest Tournament turns 15 this Weekend

The Fountain Lake 7-on-7 tournament begins this Saturday at 9 a.m. with 14 teams competing for 2 championships.  There will be a small school division (2A-4A), and a large school division (4A-7A).  This tournament is the longest running tournament in Arkansas as this will mark its 15th year.  The tournament will be held at Cutter Morning Star as Fountain Lake is in the process of installing an artificial surface on their football field.

The large school division will feature Benton, Bryant, Lakeside, Lake Hamilton, Nashville, Pulaski Academy, and Fountain Lake JV. 

The small school division includes Centerpoint, Charleston, DeWitt, Fountain Lake, Mansfield, Perryville, and Smackover.

Both divisions look wide open, but Arkansas Football Bloggers predicts that it will be Bryant or Pulaski Academy hoisting the trophy in the large division, and Fountain Lake keeping the hardware safely in their field house in the small division.

The top 2 teams in each division will play at 6:00 for the championship.

Small School Large School
9:00  Centerpoint vs Perryville PA vs Fountain Lake JV
9:25  Fountain Lake vs Mansfield Nashville vs Lakeside
9:50  DeWitt vs Charleston Lake Hamilton vs Benton
10:15  Perryville vs Smackover Bryant vs Lakeside
10:40  Fountain Lake vs DeWitt PA vs Benton
11:05  Centerpoint vs Charleston Nashville vs Lake Hamilton
11:30  Mansfield vs DeWitt Fountain Lake JV vs Benton
11:55  Smackover vs Charleston Bryant vs Lake Hamilton
12:20  Fountain Lake vs Centerpoint PA vs Nashville
12:45  Perryville vs Charleston Lakeside vs Lake Hamilton
1:10  Mansfield vs Centerpoint Fountain Lake JV vs Nashville
1:35  Smackover vs Fountain Lake Bryant vs PA
2:00  DeWitt vs Centerpoint Benton vs Nashville
2:25  Perryville vs Fountain Lake Lakeside vs PA
2:50  Mansfield vs Smackover Fountain Lake JV vs Bryant
3:15  Charleston vs Fountain Lake Lake Hamilton vs PA
3:40  DeWitt vs Smackover Benton vs Bryant
4:05  Perryville vs Mansfield Lakeside vs Fountain Lake JV
4:30  Centerpoint vs Smackover Nashville vs Bryant
4:55  Charleston vs Mansfield Lake Hamilton vs Fountain Lake JV
5:20  DeWitt vs Perryville Benton vs Lakeside

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