Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Open Season

We are asking you to tell us what questions you want answered by our articles. Here is your chance to get what you want.

You are also welcome to use the comments to start a debate with other visitors on anything concerning football (7-on-7, high school, recruiting, etc.).

ONE RULE: Play nice!


  1. You need to write about how to structure a tournament that starts games on time. These things always seem to be running behind.

  2. I've been the PA Announcer (& music producer)for the Shootout of the South the last couple of years. I am certainly NOT going to take credit for the games starting on time; however, it has always seemed pretty easy. The tournament coordinator puts together the schedule, with the starting times for each round, allowing approx 10 mins. between games. At the end of each round, I'll immediately announce the matchups & field locations for each game in the next round. Then, I'll give a 5 min, 2 min, & 1 min warning, and a countdown for the last 10 secs....then, "PLAY FOOTBALL!" The tournament leadership does a good job of trying to not schedule teams where they have back-to-back games on fields that are far apart. It helps to have at least 5 fields to play on. In pool play, there's no overtime. In Tourney play (Day 2), you can't have ties, so it gets a little trickier. We allow an extra 5 mins between tournament round games which is usually enough to finish any neccessary OTs.

    The most important thing is put together a schedule and stick to it. Be sure to pubish it and distribute it to all of the teams and, if possible, to the fans. In 2007, we also began using video displays (40" flat screen monitors) to give continually updated results and schedules including tournament brackets. And, since it was all controlled on a laptop, when bad wheather was near, we could even display the local radar. And, on Day 2, we were even able to provide some PGA leaderboard updates :-).